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Neighborhoods We Cover


Service Hours

Monday – Sunday
8am – 6pm

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm

A $10 fee will be added to all services provided on weekends / holidays / before 8:00am, after 6:00pm
( All services are subject to NYS sales tax of 8.875% )


Holiday Schedule

We're closed on the following holidays:

  • Independence Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

  • New Year's Day

dog walking

We strive to leave your pets feeling comfortable, happy, and excited for their next walk. We understand their well-being is reliant upon routine and consistency, which is why we assign your dog its own designated walker. We never group more than three dogs at a time*, so your pet is assured plenty of attention. At the end of each walk, you will receive an update with highlights and a photo from their recent adventure.

* Private walks are provided on a limited basis and are dependent on staff availability. Semi-private walks are small social group walks of up to three dogs at a time, all of similar size and temperament.

30 min


60 min


Additional dog



Discounted Packages
( minimum of 3 walks per week required )


30 minutes


10 pack

$220 / $22 per walk

20 pack

$420 / $21 per walk

40 pack  

$800 / $20 per walk

60 minutes


10 pack

$320 / $32 per walk

20 pack

$620 / $31 per walk

40 pack

$1,200 / $30 per walk




Our in-home grooming offers both convenience and style. Rest assured knowing that your pet is being pampered in their familiar environment: your home. We use hypoallergenic and all-natural oatmeal shampoos for a safe and luxurious grooming experience. All styling is handled by our professional groomers, Lisa DeMarco and Sonja Lessey.

Contact us to schedule an appointment.


The Basic Bath

Starts at $95

bath & blow dry

ear cleaning

nail clipping

anal gland expression

paw pad trim

sanitary trim

blueberry facial

complimentary toy

The Full Groom

Starts at $130

custom cut & style

bath & blow dry

ear cleaning

nail clipping

anal gland expression

paw pad trim

sanitary trim

blueberry facial

complimentary toy

The Extras


flea & tick bath                             $20  

teeth brushing*                             $15 

de-matting                 Priced by breed

de-shedding              Priced by breed 

* We will provide a toothbrush and toothpaste for you to keep at home for regular teeth maintenance and future grooming appointments.
overnight care

Our in-home overnight care allows you to travel with peace of mind knowing that your pet will be safe and relaxed with one of our qualified sitters. Each overnight includes 3 walks, all feeding, and regular updates with photos keeping you informed of how your pet is doing.

Overnight stay                                                                  $100

Additional dog                                                                   $20


Whether you have a new puppy or your old friend has picked up some bad habits, we can help. 

Our team of trainers will provide your new puppy with the gentle guidance it needs to grow into a well-mannered friend.

We also specialize in basic obedience training, leash aggression and separation anxiety- utilizing reward based methods to reinforce the behaviors you want from your pet. 

Contact us to schedule an initial evaluation.

Private Training

Evaluation                                                           60 min / $195

Skype Lesson                                                    60 min / $195

Package of 3 Lessons                                      60 min / $565

pet sitting

We love our feline friends too! Each visit is for 30 minutes and includes feeding/fresh water, litter maintenance, playtime, and an update letting you know how your cat is doing.

In addition, we offer private puppy visits for those who are still too young for a full 30 minute walk. These visits include a relief walk, indoor playtime, feeding and any cleanup that your new friend might need.

Puppy Visit                                                                         $25

Cat Visit                                                                              $25

Additional Cat                                                                       $5

vet care

We all know going to the vet’s office can be stressful for our pets. That’s why we offer a more convenient and personal vet care experience, all in the comfort of your home. Our vet team is available at a moments notice for sick calls, routine check-ups, and puppy vaccinations.

Contact us to schedule an appointment.

In-home Visit Fee                                                             $125

Additional services, lab work, vaccines priced separately

hotel care

We have partnered with many of Manhattan’s finest hotels to offer our full menu of pet care services.

Simply contact your concierge to book:

  • Dog Walking

  • In-Room Pet Sitting

  • In-Room Grooming

  • Vet Care

                                                                  Inquire About Rates