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We have used other dog walking services in NYC, but none compare to Throw Me A Bone. This is a thoroughly professional outfit, well managed, with a web-based interface that ensures two- way communication. Most importantly, Layla, our Black Lab, has been walked by personnel so affectionate, courteous and responsible that neighbors who have observed the service then inquire. We are very grateful.
— Drs. Michael and Susan S., Upper West Side
Throw Me a Bone Inc. is the best! They are trustworthy, responsible and personal. I always know I can count on them to take care of my beloved Chloe. I’m moving soon, and my first thought was: I hope they will be able to still walk Chloe in my new neighborhood...Of course they said yes! What a relief!! Definitely recommend them to everyone, especially to all you skeptical, jaded New Yorkers.
— Su M. (jaded New Yorker), Midtown West
Throw Me a Bone has been walking our dog Maddie since she was a puppy. After interviewing a number of dog walkers Maddie picked Throw Me a Bone for herself when she curled up in our walkers lap. Three years later, we are very pleased with their services and everyday I can say with confidence that she gets a great walk with her buds and is genuinely happy to see our walkers. They have taken the extra step staying with her when she was sick, and even enduring the rainy days with her. We have definitely been spoiled with Throw Me a Bone’s great care, and as always Maddie knew best!
— Laura C., East Village
Throw Me a Bone provides all the benefits of a bigger service but with a much more personal touch. We know our walker well, and our dogs love him. They look forward to seeing him every day — as much as they do to us getting home from work.(Sometimes, we think, more.) But if our regular walker can’t make it for any reason, someone else steps in seamlessly. We have the comfort of knowing that there will never be a missed walk, but that each walk comes with the kind of personal attention, reassuring routine, and top-notch care our dogs love.
— Brian P., Midtown West
I love Throw Me a Bone! My dog walker Nathaniel will send me an journal every day to tell me how Jolie has been on her walk along with photos of who she is playing with that day in the park. I love that during the crazy work day and look forward to seeing the photos. Throw Me a Bone is responsible and always caring.
— Lou B., Midtown West
I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the countless times you helped with Chase so we could go on our honeymoon and family vacations, knowing that he was in the best care while he was sick. We were never able to have the peace of mind with him in anyone else’s care but yours, and most recently Kevin’s. Throw Me a Bone has had such a positive affect on our household and we continue to be impressed with the wonderful employees you hire and the excellent care they give our dogs. Thank you so much for what you do.
— Lynn K., Tribeca
When my husband and I moved to NYC several months ago I was extremely worried about how my two dogs, Webber and Sammy, would acclimate to the big city. We hired a dog walking service from a large dog service company but became frustrated when the dog walker provided was different nearly everyday. Fortunately for us, we met Adam and Mike of Throw Me a Bone shortly thereafter. We bonded instantaneously, and the dogs absolutely love them. Throw Me A Bone cares for Sammy and Webber as if they were their own dogs, and we have never felt more at ease during the day, or while away on vacation. In a few hours notice, I can request a last minute walk or dog-food pick-up and they are always there for us. I am confident that in all of NYC — there are no other dog walkers who treat dogs with such love, affection and attention. I am so pleased to have met Mike and Adam — not just for Sammy and Webber’s sanity, but for mine as well.
— Amy & Michael G., Upper East Side