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Part-time Daycare Attendant

Long Island City and Midtown West

We are looking for a hard-working, organized and self-motivated dog daycare attendant for one of our LIC / Midtown West locations. The position is part time/full time with employment all year. The primary responsibility is maintaining and facilitating safe and fun play for large groups of dogs in an open setting. Strong customer service skills are also required. You will be interacting with the public as well.

You must be able to interact in a positive and comfortable way with all sizes and breeds of dogs. Able to work days, evenings and holidays.

What you’ll need to know on your first day at Throw Me A Bone?

  • You will be on your feet for the majority of the day.
  • You will be in a high energy, loud environment with 25+ dogs.
  • You will be actively engaging with the dogs and utilizing training techniques demonstrated by our team.
  • You will be actively participating in the constant cleaning of the facility.
  • You will be aware of your surroundings at all times, stepping in when needed and receiving and implementing feedback from our team.

Expectations and responsibilities include:

1) Supervise playrooms (we are on our feet and managing the pack throughout the day!)

– Maintain control of large groups of open play dogs in the playroom at all times to ensure a safe environment.

– Behavioral issues are addressed proactively in a timely and effective manner. This may include crating for “time outs” when necessary, but never includes the use of physical force or punishment of the dogs. We utilize positive reinforcement and redirection.

- Aware of environment at all times and consistently attends to any special needs dogs including dogs that need to be crated when other dogs enter the playroom and dogs that cannot be together.

2) Cleaning Duties (lots of dogs means lots of cleaning!)

– Playroom is continually monitored and kept free of messes by immediate and continual spot cleaning throughout the shift.

– Daily cleaning assignments which include sweeping, mopping, taking out the trash, refilling the water cooler and replacing water bowls.

– Cleaning procedures involve the proper use of non-toxic chemicals to ensure a safe environment for people and dogs.

-Daily and weekly cleaning assignments include laundry, moving and sanitizing crates up to 48″x24″. Cleaning walls, floors and play equipment with sanitizing solutions.

3) Health

– Ability to understand and follow the feeding, medication and allergy lists to ensure all health standards are consistently met.

4) Teamwork and Own Initiatives

– Ability to work cohesively with team members in a respectful and professional manner.

– Utilize company tools to communicate relevant information daily via the activity log and to the supervisor.

– Maintain a positive attitude and demeanor in all aspects of their position including room management and customer service.

– Maintain consistent time and attendance standards.

– Follow company dress code guidelines for professional and safety standards.

– Be on time for scheduled shifts.


  • Entry level $16/hr


  • 401k  (for tenured employees  ≥ 12 mos);
  • PTO;
  • Raises / performance bonuses;
  • Career advancement opportunities & support
  • Free daycare for employees’ dogs (upon successful daycare evaluation);
  • Flexible hours available;
  • Company outings / team building activities

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